We Offer Amazing Desserts!

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key lime pie2Make sure you leave room for dessert.  We offer a wide variety of delectable delights like our Key Lime Cake – Real Florida lime juice blended into tangy creme Chantilly, followed by three layers of yellow sponge cake and cream cheese. Or you may want to try our Apple Pie Skillet – A big slice of apple pie served on a hot skillet with brandy butter sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

We also have fried Ice Cream – Vanilla ice cream crusted in cinnamon sugar and corn flakes. Deep fried and served in a mini taco shell with whipped cream, cajeta sauce, and a cherry and Xango Cheesecake – Rolled in a flour tortilla, this cheesecake is deep fried and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Mexican Food Catering

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shutterstock_125126717webIf you need an event catered at your home, office or another venue, Mexicali Border Café offers many levels of service to meet your specific needs. From simple drop-off service to full service catering, the restaurant will work with you to make any event perfect, even helping you with the event planning. The catering menu includes traditional Appetizers, Dips, Combo Plates, Salads, Desserts, Drinks and more. Beyond amazing food, the restaurant’s catering consultants will help you with all your event details, from the decorations to the event entertainment.

What Makes Mexican Food Authentic?

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authentic mexican food

Authentic Mexican Food

Traditional authentic Mexican cuisine evolved when the Spanish arrived in Mexico and introduced new species and new variations of their classic recipes using spices from the regions of Mexico.  Mexican food can be considered “authentic” if the spices and recipes from Mexico are used in the preparation.  Over the last few decades, those classic foods would go on to evolve into the Americanized versions of what was being made in Mexico.

Mexican dishes typically use corn, fish, goat, quail, tomatoes and a variety of spices and sauces.  Many recipes date back 50 years or more.  In turn, authentic Mexican dishes only means that the spices that have been used to prepare the dish are found in and considered to be authentic to Mexico. Many of these recipes date back 50 years or more.

Mexicali Border Café features many menu items from recipes that have been prepared for over 25 years.  The standard Mexican favorites like taco, enchiladas, fajitas and tamales are available and many of the daily specials offer traditional Mexican dishes with a new twist.


Healthful Mexican Food

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There are many menu options available at Mexicali Border Cafe that are consistent with a healthy lifestyle and diet.  All or our items are made fresh and cooked to order.  The menu includes grilled meats and fish which are lower in calories and fat than fried items.  There are several salad choices and customers can substitute grilled vegetables as a side rather than eating the rice and beans.  Please let your server know about any special dietary needs and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Come Enjoy Vegetarian Meals at the Mexicali Border Cafe

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Are you craving authentic Mexican food full of fresh ingredients, but without meat? Then, you have come to the right place if you are. The Mexicali Border Cafe offers a wide assortment of Mexican dishes including a nice selection of vegetarian meals for those of you who have sworn off meat.

Vegetable Quesadilla

This selection is on our vegetarian menu. You can choose a spinach, garlic herb, or flour tortilla. The filling for the tortilla consists of portabella mushrooms, squash, zucchini, and carrots, along with mixed cheese. You also can request pico de gallo to enhance the flavors of the vegetable quesadilla. Sour cream, diced tomatoes, and guacamole come with this menu selection.

Vegetable Fajitas

Vegetable fajitas are another selection on our vegetarian menu. This selection contains a sizzling skillet with bell peppers, sautéed onions, zucchini, carrots, portabella mushrooms, and squash layered to bring out their flavors fully. We serve lettuce, black beans, rice, sour cream, and pico de gallo, along with your choice of shredded cheese or guacamole, and flour tortillas with the fajitas.

Chile Relleno Dinner

This delicious dish included a deep-fried, large chili pepper filled with mushrooms and mixed cheese. We serve black beans and rice with this.

Vegetable Chimichanga

This is a flour tortilla that is filled with sautéed squash, carrots, zucchini, portabella mushrooms, along with mixed cheese. We deep-fry this chimichanga. We serve guacamole, black beans, rice and sour cream with this selection.

All these vegetarian meals are made from scratch with only the freshest of ingredients. We believe in only serving the best to our customers. Come visit one of our locations today to try one of our vegetarian dishes today or one of our many other dishes. Our staff is waiting to serve you.

Mexican and good Mexican Restaurants

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There is a difference between fast food Mexican and good Mexican restaurants. Mexicali Border Cafe, with locations in Oklahoma and Florida, offers authentic Mexican food that you just don’t find at a typical chain.

Since 1987, Mexicali Cafe has been serving up fresh Mexican food from a full menu of choices. While all the favorite standbys are available, there are also choices such as fresh salads and soups, as well as specialty items.

Some of the specialties include items such as “Sonora Street Tacos’ – imagine slow roasted port in white corn tortillas in a chipolte sauce, “Stuffed Carne Asada’ , Which is a stak stuff with melted cheeses, mushrooms and onions. The menu items all have their own special flair, unique tortillas, and unique twists on traditional favorites, making it a place you will come back to time after time.

Mexicali is definitely on the list of good Mexican restaurants if you need any type of catering for your special event as well. Years of experience have made them one of the top providers of catering services, and a planner is available to help make the right choices for your dining needs. Whether at your site or in the restaurant, Mexicali offers the freshest food at a reasonable price.

Visit Mexicali Border Cafe to experience one of the best Mexican restaurants around. The fresh food, unique menu items, and affordable prices make it one of the most deliciousl places you can go. Make sure to check out the SPECIALS for your location.

Serving customers for almost thirty years has provided a long track record of success. Experience the delicious food and fun environment for your next dinner out!

What is Great Mexican Food?

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Great Mexican food is the mixture of quality ingredients blended with the right spices to create the flavor that Mexico has become famous for over the years. The food from this country is all about flavor and fun! Check out some examples of what I am talking with the dishes below.


Quesadillas are tortillas filled with meat or seafood that have been cooked with Mexican spices to add flavor. Cheese is also added to these quesadillas along with Pico de Gallo. The quesadillas typically are served with sour cream, diced tomatoes and guacamole. Today, you can find ones with steak, chicken, pork, seafood (typically shrimp, crabmeat, and lobster). One choice that is especially yummy is one with a grilled spinach tortilla that has sautéed mushrooms, fajita chicken and spinach inside.

Taco Salads

Today, not all Mexican foods are heavy. You can also enjoy the lighter Traditional Taco Salad, which is a tortilla shell cooked into the shape of a bowl. Inside there are salad mix, beans, mixed cheese and diced tomatoes. You can have your choice of dressing or just sour cream and guacamole. Meat can be added with one of the following if you so choose:

  • Fajita steak
  • Fajita chicken
  • Seasoned shredded chicken or ground beef
  • A mix of meats

Other types of salads with a Mexican flair also are available.


Burritos are ingredients wrapped in soft flour tortillas. One example of these contains a flour tortilla filled with ground beef or Ranchero chicken, along with cheese, enchilada gravy, and beans. You can have this topped with sour cream, chili, or queso.

Where do you get great Mexican food such as this? You can get these dishes and other delectable Mexican fare at Julio Tumatoe’s Mexicali Border Cafe. We have three locations. One is downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma at 14 West Brady (918-582-3383). In addition, we have two in Bradenton, Florida. One is at 5502 Cortez Rd. W (941-761-9516) and the other one is at 7303 52nd Place East (941-251-5910). Please come see us today if you are in one of these cities.

Mexicali Border Café (traditional Mexican food)

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When you’re looking for delicious, traditional Mexican food, the Mexicali Border Café is the perfect choice, whether you’re dining in or you require catering services. Providing delicious, authentic Mexican dishes in both Bradenton, Florida and Tulsa, Oklahoma, their full menu offers you a tempting selection of all your Mexican favorites. Whether you’re craving fajitas, quesadillas or a plate of delicious enchiladas, you’ll get authentic food made with fresh ingredients every time you order.

Beyond traditional Mexican food favorites, such as fajitas, tacos and quesadillas, the restaurant offers some fabulous specialties you’ll want to try as well, such as the Asada Jalisco, Tilapia Mexicali, Mexico City Tacos, El Paso Style Manchaca, Fiesta Chicken and more. Favorite Mexican plates include the Fajita Chimichanga, Smothered Burrito, and Jose’s Seafood Chimichanga. Enjoy your meal with a delicious margarita and finish a meal with one of the café’s delicious desserts, including Sopapillas, Churros, or the tasty Fried Ice Cream.

If you need an event catered, the Mexicali Border Café offers many levels of service to meet your specific needs. From simple drop-off service to full service catering, the restaurant will work with you to make any event perfect, evening helping you with the event planning. The catering menu includes traditional Appetizers, Dips, Combo Plates, Salads, Desserts, Drinks and more. Beyond amazing food, the restaurant’s catering consultants will help you with all your event details, from the decorations to the event entertainment.

Once you enjoy the delicious traditional Mexican food, you’ll definitely want to visit the Mexicali Border Café again and again to try more of their tasty dishes. Be sure to join the restaurant’s VIP Club, which will give you access to monthly specials, allowing you great savings as you enjoy your favorite Mexican dishes.

Fresh, Authentic Mexican Food (Best fajitas in town)

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Mexican food can bring up different images of cuisine, depending on the area a person lives in. That’s because just like any food, regional variations do come into play. Fortunately, one thing that crosses over every style of food is the fresh ingredients. They can be found in hearty tacos and the best fajitas in town.

When you look at authentic Mexican food, you will notice there are some common items that routinely show up in these dishes. For example, you will notice that fresh chilies, limes, lettuce, tomato and onion are commonly found in many of the dishes. You will even find things like rice, beans that add to the heartiness of a dish and different types of cheeses that can enhance the flavor profile. There is no denying you will notice a considerable difference in the quality of food when you experience Mexican food prepared with fresh ingredients.

Meat will also play an important role. Beef, chicken and pork can be found in many dishes and are an essential piece of the best fajitas in town. In every dish, meat is perfectly seasoned and prepared to be tender and juicy, allowing you to savor each bite that you take.

Quality fresh foods combined together help to ensure that each of the authentic dishes prepared for you turn out to be amazing. Just keep in mind that in the US there are options like Tex Mex, Mexi Cali and other regional favorites that incorporate the flavors of authentic Mexican food and present them in a unique manner. No matter how it is prepared though, you will find that it will always hit the spot and leave you anxiously awaiting your next delicious meal.

Where are the Best Quesadillas in Town?

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You’ve tried the rest; now try the best quesadillas in town at Mexicali Border Café! That is, if you’re a local or visiting Tulsa, OK or Brandenton, FL. For the best quesadilla experience, eat inside one of these fun and festive Mexican restaurants. Your quesadillas will arrive at the table sizzling hot, exactly the way they should.

If you’ve always considered quesadillas as appetizers, you obviously haven’t tried Julio’s Fajita Quesadilla. Select your favorite from flour, spinach or garlic herb tortillas. That’s not all – you may choose from fajita chicken, fajita steak or fajita vegetable or mixed.

For shrimp lovers, grilled tortillas with garlic and herbs, stuffed with blackened shrimp are must-haves. Or, take your quesadilla cravings to a new height with a hefty grilled spinach tortilla, spinach, fajita chicken and sautéed Portabella mushrooms. If you prefer the ‘other white meat’, opt for the quesadilla stacked with shredded pork, with tomatillo sauce.

Is the thought of flaky, flat tortillas oozing with cheese with your choice of heavenly fillings enough to keep you coming back for more?

Think Mexicali Border Café the next time you throw a party. They will either cater and serve your food or deliver the best quesadillas in town right to your front door.

Locals prefer this locally owned and operated restaurant above national chain-type restaurants serving wannabe Mexican food. Not only is the food superb, the prices are quite reasonable. Parking is free and the lot is usually packed, another tribute to its great reputation among locals and out-of-towners.

Even during the rush of busyness, you’ll be seated quickly and a smiling staff will bring a basket of chips and salsa to munch on while you wait. Insider tip: Mexicali also serves difficult to find white queso.

Can you say – umm, umm best quesadillas in town?