A Catering Menu with Authentic Mexican Food – Sarasota

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What if you could serve your guests fajitas, enchiladas, and even fresh tacos without having to shell out a fortune? When you order from the Mexicali Border Cafe catering menu, you have access to these beloved dishes. We proudly use fresh ingredients in each of the dishes that we prepare.19

Authentic Mexican food is hard to come by in Oklahoma and Florida. Fortunately, Mexicali Border Cafe has filled their catering menu with dishes that capture that authenticity. Each batch of refried beans is made in a traditional manner, while the shredded beef and pork are seasoned with the perfect combination of spices that have just enough heat, while delivering a unique flavor profile you won’t find anywhere else.

With the catering menu, you can plan on having food at your special event that everyone will love. The universal appeal will make it a great choice for a wedding, its festive enough for a company barbeque, while there are dishes that will fit every dietary need of the people in the office. All you need to decide is what items are too irresistible to pass up on the menu. Then you can begin to work with a professional consultant to help plan your catering needs.

Take a moment to contact your local Mexicali Border Café and place a catering order that leaves a lasting impression.


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