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Local Mexican Restaurants In Tulsa

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Mexican restaurants

Local Mexican Restaurants In Tulsa

Authentic Mexican food that will make your mouth water is what you find at Mexicali Border Cafe. One bite and you will think you have been transported directly to Mexico. You won’t find better Mexican food at any of the local Mexican restaurants in Tulsa.

It will be hard to decide what to order but if you get the Chipotle Queso appetizer, you will not regret it at all. The chipotle topping the yellow and white queso along with the cilantro, blackened spices and sour cream will tantalize your taste buds and make you want to try more of the menu.

After awakening your appetite, try one of the delicious salads or soups. Maybe the Blackened Chicken Portabella salad or the Borracho Bean Soup. Either one is a perfect lead into the main course. If you want a taste of Vera Cruz, try the fish tacos or Tilapia Mexicali. If beef or chicken is more your style, the Fajita Tacos “Al Carbon” will more than satisfy you. Try one of the combos if you would like several different items from the menu. So good it is hard to believe. For dessert, you can go as simple and traditional as sopapillas or have something more such as the fried ice cream.

For adults, a Mexican meal isn’t complete without beer, wine or one of the best Margaritas you will ever taste. Choosing a Margarita won’t be easy as there are quite a few options to choose from, all delicious. If beer is your thing, you have a delightful choice there as well with the menu of domestic and imported beers to choose from. After such a delicious meal at Mexicali Border Cafe, other local Mexican restaurants will pale in comparison.

When you have an occasion that calls for lots of food for lots of guests, you need a caterer. Other local Mexican restaurants may offer catering but only Mexicali Border Cafe has the food you want. Give them a call at (918)582-3383 and learn about their catering service.

Mexican restaurants nearby in Tulsa OK

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Mexican restaurants

Mexican restaurants nearby in Tulsa OK

If you’re looking for Mexican restaurants nearby in downtown Tulsa, OK, quit searching and head to Mexicali Border Café! What a delight to know you can order authentic Mexican food from their Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and traditional menus. There’s no need to wonder if the guacamole is fresh and tasty. It’s made with a touch of lime juice every day!

Salsa is a tempting way to enjoy chips and complement any type of south of the border cuisine you order. You can’t go wrong ordering Avocado Salsa. It’s a combination of tomatillos, cilantro, avocados, sour cream, green tomatoes, and Serrano chiles. It’s hard to stop munching once you start, but try to save some of this flavorful dip to add to your main course.

Order a fajita or quesadilla served in one of 3 different tortillas – spinach, garlic herb, or traditional flour. It’s nice to know that at least one of the Mexican restaurants nearby has such an incredible variety of ingredients for these popular dishes! Steak, blackened shrimp, and pork are some of the options. There’s also a spinach, chicken, and sautéed mushrooms quesadilla that may quickly become your favorite. Fresh meat and veggies enhance taste and quality.

You’ll find the most spectacular enchiladas at this establishment. If shrimp or Portabella mushrooms don’t strike your fancy, consider the Three Amigos with a beef, chicken, and cheese enchilada. Rice and refried beans are the sides included with this combination meal.

Little amigos are welcome and even have their own menu! Authentic Mexican food like burritos, tacos, and enchiladas are popular choices. Further options include nachos, chicken fingers, and hot dogs.

Why not treat the family to a South of the border meal tonight at Mexicali Border Café at 14 West Matthew Brady St in Tulsa. Feel free to call for reservations or other questions at 918-582-3383.

Healthy Mexican Food is Great for You

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Healthy Mexican Food

Healthy Mexican Food is Great for You

Eating out can be a real chore for those who are health conscious. The sheer number of different venues in which to select ensures finding a place to dine is never tough. Locating a venue that actually serves healthy food, well, that can be a little tough. Making the choice of a healthy venue becomes a lot easier when you opt for good quality Mexican food.

High-quality healthy Mexican food is definitely going to be good for those looking to eat well and shed a little weight. Sadly, a host of quick-and-easy fast food restaurants give homemade Mexican food a bad name.

Stick with the “real deal” and go with those restaurants that offer truly excellent selections made from fresh ingredients. The benefits of these menu choices are hard to ignore.

Anyone who knows a little bit about nutrition will agree with this assessment: Mexican food is loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants are those nutrients that contibute to improvements in health through fighting disease-causing free radicals.

The notion that Mexican food is good for you is proven simply by looking at it. Lettuce and tomatoes are common ingredients and they are loaded with helpul vitamins and minerals. Chicken and lean beef, two other staples, are a great source of protein. Even some of the dairy products such as cheese have their healthy benefits.

To maximize all these healthy benefits, select a restaurant that provides fresh, natural ingredients.

The fast food chain stores are notorious for providing little more than processed food with minimal nutritional value. Avoid these locations at all costs as they cheat you out of the nutrition the quality food possesses. Stick with a good restaurant known for fresh, healthy Mexican food. As the saying goes, it does the body good.

Mexican Food Restaurant

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food restaurant

Mexican food restaurant

Are you looking for something festive to jumpstart an upcoming event? You could go with a standard steak or chicken dinner, but that doesn’t encourage your guests to get up and mingle. If your goal is to create a dynamic social gathering suitable for professional or personal networking, your best option is to have a taco or fajita bar catered for the event.

A well-planned bar prepared by an authentic Mexican food restaurant will offer fajita beef, chicken or pork with all of the fixings needed to create delicious tacos or fajitas. You may consider adding queso, tortillas, sautéed onions and cilantro, pico de gallo, beans and a selection of salsas to create a bar that appeals to all of your guests. The larger your budget, the more you can stack the bar with authentic Mexican toppings and a variety of taco shells and tortillas.

The Perfect Combo

If you really want to get the party jumping, add margaritas to your event. Fresh margaritas go perfectly with tacos and fajitas, and they are perfect for getting guests to warm up to one another without going overboard on the drinks. You can include a margarita or two for each of your guests when ordering catering services from a local Mexican food restaurant, or you can offer a bar where guests can purchase their own drinks.

Social Mixers Made Simple

Catering allows you to outsource the preparation of delicious food and drink to the professionals so that you can focus on other party-planning tasks. Turning your event into a Mexican food extravaganza can help you with the overall planning by giving the event a theme that encourages guests to interact with one another. A taco bar is versatile enough to appeal to many different people, and you can determine what to include on the bar to ensure it fits your budget.